Friday October 09 , 2015
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Berry Brain


Berry Brain

Berries are the most colorful and among the most potent antioxidant power punches you can throw. Think of it. The reason colorful plants, from deep green spinach to azure blueberries or deep purple blackberries, are so healthy is they grow in full sun, and must have amazing self protection so they don't sunburn. The solar damage you would suffer if out in the sun as much as a berry would be tremendous, but the berry's skin is full of deep pigments containing polyphenols and other phytonutrients that serve as natural barriers from sun damage.

No wonder they can protect us on the inside from our own metabolic toxins and inflammation. So enjoy those berries! Their 'berry' healthy for you.

'Berry' Important Facts
  • Among the highest 'ORAC' (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of all foods
  • Antioxidants loaded in the skin and seeds (yes, Randy and Heliene chew and eat the seeds when possible)
  • Can trap pesticides (especially strawberries), so wash 'em vigorously or better yet, buy organic
  • Mix 'em up, and don't become sworn to one or another new exotic berry.


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